GPX Download

These zipped GPX files for tracks and some of the 4WD access roads on the Western Hajar Mountains are available to download for free. Download to a laptop or PC then upload to a navigation device such as Garmin. The tracks are shown on the overview map on page 10 and 11, Introduction Chapter, of the book Wilderness Trekking Oman, which is one of the three chapters also available for free from this web page. This book will be available for purchase from March 2020 from Gilgamesh Publishing, and includes 1:50,000 scale maps for all these walks on pages 86 to 227. A separate A1 folded map of the traverse and side tracks, scaled 1:50,000, will also be available for purchase from March 2020 from cordee map distributors. Most of the tracks and waypoints were recorded using a Garmin GPSMAP64s, with a satellite fix every 10m of track.

The track files for the sidetracks are sorted into groups from east to west, and the track file for the traverse includes the two options. The total length of all the tracks without overlap is 607km. The traverse is 209km long, consisting of 188km mountain track and 21km graded road, of which the longest is 6km. None of the sidetracks are on roads. All the 259 waypoints are contained in a single file. Details such as distance, walking times, elevation changes and degree of difficulty of each track are in the traverse summary and table of side tracks or Side Track and Loops chapter.

The side tracks do not overlap with each other or any of the traverse tracks. Many of them are branches from other tracks. To make a complete route starting and finishing from a road you will need to use several of these side tracks and portions of the traverse. It is possible to append track segments to make a loop using Garmin BaseCamp software. Twenty loops have already been created and are listed on this page. The hyphenated track names, for example Hayl At Talhat-Al Ililanah to Aqbat At Tariq, indicates the track is a branch starting from the track between Hayl At Talhat and Al Ililanah, leading to Aqbat At Tariq. The fractional traverse track names, for example 04.1 As Sawjrah to Ar Rus and 04.2 Road to Ar Rus (road), indicate Day 4 has two sections, of which the second is a road. Several of the donkey tracks have man track short-cuts included in the GPX files. Most of these short-cuts are only marginally shorter and, due to their increased difficulty, may not save any time. They are included on the maps and GPX files to avoid confusion when walking past a track branch. Until you are familiar with the terrain it would be prudent to stay on donkey tracks.

Also included on this web page are the GPX files of four ultra marathon tracks of distances of 10, 50, 130 and 170km. These ultra marathan tracks do overlap with each other, and do overlap with parts of Days 5 to 9 of the traverse and corresponding side tracks. They all have green reflective dots for night running so can be followed without a navigation device. The red dots indicate danger. In places these marathon tracks take a less scenic but smoother route than all the other tracks.

Traverse GPX files for the sixteen days
GPX download traverse and two options
  • 01 Al Afyah to Hadash
  • 02 Hadash to Wukan
  • 03 Wukan to As Sawjrah
  • 04.1 As Sawjrah to Ar Rus
  • 04.2 Road to Ar Rus (road)
  • 05 Ar Rus to Ashl Sharaf
  • 06.1 Ash Sharaf to Junction
  • 06.2 Junction to Misfat Al Abriyyin
  • 07 Misfat Al Abriyyin to Hayl Ash Shas
  • 08 Hayl Ash Shas to the Jabal Shams Summit
  • 09 Jabal Shams Summit to plateau
  • 10.1 Kurb road to start Day 10 (road)
  • 10.2 Kurb road start to Yisab road saddle
  • 10.3 Yisab road saddle to Yisab (road)
  • 11 Yisab to Naqa Ar Ruways
  • 12 Naqa Ar Ruways to Kurb
  • 13.1 Al Marrat road finish Day 12 to start Day 13 (road)
  • 13.2 Al Marrat road to Daan As Sanin
  • 14 Daan As Sanin to Ghayl Shadhan
  • 15 Ghayl Shadhan to Dar Ar Ruways
  • 16.1 Dar Ar Ruways to Al Jammah
  • 16.2 Al Jammah to Yiqa and Highway 10 (road)
Shorter high route to the summit with two ladder climbs
  • 06.3 Junction to Al Barbad
  • 07 Al Barbad to Aqbit Saydran
Option at the end of the traverse, one instead of four remote days to Yiqa and Highway 10
  • 13.1 Al Marrat road finish Day 12 to start Day 13 (road)
  • 13.2 Hayl At Talhat to Al Iqaybah
  • 13.3 Al Iqaybah to Yiqa and Highway 10 (road)
GPX Waypoints for the traverse, side tracks and loops
GPX download waypoints

Grouped GPX side track files from east to west
GPX download group A
  • Ad Dar to As Sawjrah via wadi
  • Al Afyah old town access road
  • Al Afyah old town donkey track alternative start
  • Al Alya to Al Mikhayti
  • Al Alya to Aqbat Wukan
  • Al Alya to Mazraat Riyad Al Jabal
  • Al Jahm to Al Fayq
  • Al Maawil Cave diversion from Sawjrah to Ar Rus
  • Aqbat Wukan to Ras Al Aqbah
  • As Sawjrah to Al Karah
  • As Sawjrah to Kahf Amar Cave
  • Burkat Al Zahat towards Talhat
  • Ras Al Aqbah to Wadi Halfayn
  • Sayq (hotel) to Ras Al Aqbah
  • Wadi Halfayn gravel road to Highway 15
  • Wukan man track to Hadash
GPX download group B
  • Al Hijayr gravel road to SAS track start
  • Al Hilaylat signboard start for Masirat Al Jawamid
  • Al Hilaylat to As Sarab
  • Al Hilaylat to Masirat Al Jawamid to Aqbat Al Biyut
  • Aqbat Ajz Mikbar to Al Hijayr on SAS ridge
  • Ar Rus to Masirat Ash Shirayqiyyin mantrack
  • Dukum to garden loop in Wadi Halhal
  • Dukum to Hayl At Turuq via 2 gardens
  • Masirat Ash Shirayqiyyin to Ar Rus donkey track
  • Ridge near Ar Rus to Al Hijayr
  • Talhat Mosque to Al Hijar
GPX download group C
  • Al Harf towards Sab An Nar cave pool
  • Al Harf to Al Barbad
  • Al Harf to Safih Abu Habshah
  • Al Harf walking track short cut
  • Al Hiwayb branch west towards Al Barbad
  • Al Hiwayb to Burkat Ash Sharaf
  • Al Qiwaytu towards summit
  • An Nid towards Burkat Ash Sharaf
  • Aqabat Al Hamra to Manzal Ash
  • Aqbat Sofit Said to Hat
  • Ayn Al Habna Spring to Masjid Maillah
  • Bait Bimah to Salma
  • Balad Sayt to Hat
  • Balad Sayt to Sharaf Al Alamayn W8
  • Dar Al Bayda to Al Harf in east wadi
  • Dar Al Bayda to Al Harf in west wadi
  • Dar Al Bayda towards Misfat Al Abriyyin donkey
  • Dar Al Bayda to Misfat Al Abriyyin in wadi
  • Hat to Aqbat Ajz Mikbar
  • Hawd Al Qattar bypass
  • Hawd Al Qattar to Safih Abu Habshah
  • Hayl Ash Shas to Dabk Awlad Siwayid
  • Misfat Al Abriyyin high view
  • Misfat Al Abriyyin to Burkat Ash Sharaf
  • Sab An Nar cave pool
  • Salma to Aqbit Al Qalean
  • Salma to Balad Sayt
  • Wadi Al Hajur upper snake gorge
  • Wijmah from track An Nid to Burkat Ash Sharaf
GPX download group D
  • Al Khitaym to Sab Bani Khamis W6 then via ferrata
  • Al Khitaym to Shams Plateau resorts
  • Al Mazari to Yisab road saddle
  • Jabal Shams Resort to Al Mnthar
  • Kurb road start day 10 to finish Day 12
  • Yisab road saddle
  • Yisab road saddle to fence near Jabal Shams peak
  • Yisab to Al Qabil
  • Yisab to Kurb high track
  • Yisab to Kurb via wadi
  • Wadi Ghul to Al Khitaym W6A
GPX download group E
  • Al Iqaybah to Al Jammah
  • Al Iqaybah to Aqbat At Tariq
  • Al Iqaybah to Dalil
  • Al Jammah to Ar Rimaylah
  • Al Jammah to Dar Al Baydah inside wadi
  • Al Jammah to Khitam Al Wahshi
  • Aqbat At Tariq short link
  • Aqbat At Tariq-Dar Al Bayda to Al Ililanah
  • Daan As Sanin to As Safa
  • Dar Ar Ruways to Wadi Al Batih
  • Hayl At Talhat-Al Ililanah to Aqbat At Tariq
  • Long cut on Khitam Al Wahshi track
  • Sun Rise Resort road to start Day 13
  • Walking short-cut near As Safa
  • Walking short-cut near Dar Ar Ruways
  • Walking short-cut near Ghayl Shadhan
  • Walking short-cut near Naqa Ar Ruways exposed
Ultra Marathon tracks in the Western Hajar Mountains
GPX files of twenty loops created from traverse sections and side tracks

These are twenty loops or near loops that range from half day walks to five day walks. They are listed from east to west with details on the distance in kilometres, the total climb and descent in metres, whether there is any water on the track, the level of difficulty and on which page or pages are the 1:50,000 maps in the book Wilderness Trekking Oman. There is no new track data in these loop files, they have been created by joining traverse sections and side tracks. The information below on these loops is also available from the corresponding side tracks detailed in the table of side tracks and in the Side Track and Loops chapter.

  • Al Afyah to Wadi Halfayn via Hadash A two day walk, 29.8km, climbing 2287m and descending 2311m, with water at Hadash, Al Manakhir and at the end of the descent into Wadi Halfayn where you can swim. It is a difficult man track to Hadash then a donkey track to Al Manakhir and a donkey track down Wadi Halfayn. Maps are on pages 98 and 99. There is 5km of highway between the finish at the entrance to Wadi Halfayn and Al Afyah. There are baisa buses and taxis on this road.
  • Hadash loop via Wukan A one day walk but allow 10 hours, 13.7km, climbing 1247m, descending 1264m, with water at Wukan. It is an easy walk to Wukan, but the return to Hadash has some steep scree climbs. The map is on page 98.
  • Wukan high loop
  • A one day walk, 11.8km, climbing and descending 1063m. There is tank water at Aqbat Wukan 300m beyond the saddle above Wukan, although Aqbat Wukan is not on the loop. The climb to this saddle is a scramble, part of the descent back to Wukan is a man track, and in between it is a donkey track. The minimum altitude on this walk is 1500m, so suitable for warmer temperatures. The map is on page 119.
  • Al Alya loop via As Sawjrah
  • A two day walk, 28.5km, climbing 2108m and descending 2127m, with clean well water at Al Jahm, tank water at Aqbat Wukan, spring water and a hotel at As Sawjrah, dam water at Burkat Al Zahat and spring water at Ad Dar where the pools are large enough to swim. This is all a donkey track. Maps are on pages 118 and 119.
  • Halhal gardens loop
  • A half day walk from Dukum, 7.6km, climbing and descending 644m, with spring water and swimming pool at Wadi Al Kawr, and springs at the Suhub and Halhal gardens. This is all a donkey track. The map is on page 134.
  • Al Hijayr loop
  • A two day walk, 29.3km, climbing 2122m and descending 2109m, with no water. This is all a donkey track but the east half of the circuit, from the base of the mountain at Al Hijayr to the ridge near Ar Rus has not been used for fifty years and is better described as a man track because it is difficult to follow. The remainder of this circuit is easy. Maps are on pages 134 and 135. A shorter circuit in the same area ascends from Dukum instead of Al Hijayr, but there is an exposed though non-technical climb before reaching the ridge (see photo on page 229).
  • Hat loop A long one day walk, 15.8km, or a two day walk. Climbing and descending 1259m. There is tank water at Mikhatta Jabir and the hotel Shorfet Al Alamin is near halfway. There is an exposed and difficult climb near the start of the descent off the ridge above Hat (see photo on page 243). The maps are on pages 136 and 147.
  • Balad Sayt loop via Hat
  • A one day walk, 10.7km, climbing and descending 1235m. There is no water. There is an exposed and difficult climb near the start of the descent off the ridge above Hat (see photo on page 243). The map is on page 147.
  • Balad Sayt loop via Salma
  • A one day walk, 12km, climbing and descending 1538m. There is spring water at Salma and dam water under rocks at Aqbit Al Qalean (see photo on page 145). The cliff between Salma and the ridge is an infrequently used man track, not exposed but steep and hard to follow. Maps are on pages 146 and 147.
  • Misfat Al Abriyyin summit loop
  • A two or three day walk, 37.4km, climbing and descending 2746m with two chain ladders. There is tank water at Aqabat Al Hamra, dam water at Qil Azut, Burkat Ash Sharaf and Al Barbad, a 600m diversion to a spring at Sab An Nar, and water at Hayl Al Khadra and Hayl Ash Shas villages and the hotel The View. Aside from the two chain ladders this is an easy walk. The maps on pages 154, 155 and 162 cover this circuit.
  • Misfat Al Abriyyin high loop
  • A half day walk, 5km, with a view over the Misfat Al Abriyyin terraces and the star clock towers, climbing and descending 466m. This is an easy walk although it does approach the edge of a cliff. The map is on page 154.
  • Misfat Al Abriyyin wadi loop
  • A one day wadi scramble, 10.9km, climbing and descending 680m. There is plenty of water in the wadi, which has a few exposed climbs on slippery rock. The map is on page 154.
  • Dar Al Bayda loop
  • A one day walk, 10.3km, climbing and descending 687m. There is a wall drip at Hasat Al Arid and a tank at Al Harf. This circuit is all a donkey track. The map is on page 154.
  • Al Hiwayb to An Nid near loop
  • A one day walk, 9.2km, climbing 870m and descending 1231m. There is a spring Ayn Al Habnah on a 500m diversion. The ascent from Al Hiwayb is a man track and the rest of the track is donkey. This is not a complete circuit; there is 4km of steep gravel road between the two track heads. Maps are on pages 154 and 155.
  • Hayl Ash Shas loop
  • A one day walk, 16.3km, climbing and descending 1384m. There is no water, and there is an exposed climb on a branch bridge at Dabk Awlad Siwayid, otherwise the track is easy. The map is on page 162.
  • Kurb loop via Yisab
  • A three day walk, 31.4km, climbing and descending 2194m. This circuit is three days of the traverse plus 3.2km of gravel road, described in detail with maps on pages 172 to 191.
  • Wadi Yiqa loop
  • A two or three day walk, 35.7km, climbing and descending 2135m. There is tank water at Naqa Ar Ruways, and a spring and falaj at Hayl At Talhat. It is all a donkey track. The maps are on pages 202 and 203.
  • Al Jammah one day loop
  • A one day walk, 11.4km, climbing and descending 850m. Some of this walk is inside a shaded wadi. This is an unladen donkey track so some easy climbing. The map is on page 211 and the walk is described in detail on pages 224 to 227.
  • Al Jammah five day loop
  • A five day walk, 72km, climbing and descending 3480m. This is four days of the traverse plus the one day option, described in detail with maps on pages 192 to 227.
  • Wadi Taysa loop
  • A two day walk, 27.4km, climbing and descending 1554m. There are springs at Wadi Al Batih and Dar Al Bayda, and tanks at Dar Ar Ruways and Sinfat. This is a donkey track apart from the wadi crossing at Wadi Al Batih which is an easy climb. The map is on page 211.
4WD Access Roads

These 4WD roads connect to many of the side tracks from the traverse. GPX files of these roads are available to download. They will be useful if you have a support team who are driving a 4WD vehicle.

The tracks in these GPX files include nearly all the donkey trading routes that intersect or are near the traverse, but it does not include all donkey tracks on the Western Hajar Mountains. Historically important tracks not included are the trading routes ascending the south side of the mountains from the interior, for example the tracks up Wadi Kamah, Tanuf, Muaydin and Imty, most of which have their own name. The track from Imty is called Alerurqub. These tracks are excluded because they are far from the traverse and being near the developed side of the mountain range are sometimes crossed by roads. Side tracks that need ropes are excluded. For example, the one out of Wadi An Nakhur to Jabal Shams is a 2200m climb with two exposed cliffs. When it is surveyed and has chain ladders installed it will be added to the GPX file and digital maps on this web page.

This traverse and sidetracks are for hikers who are competent with GPS navigation, as only five of the sixteen day’s tracks are marked. Every effort has been made in the book and this web page to inform you what to carry, and to give you sufficient navigational aids to find drinking water every night when hiking them. The author is not responsible for any dangerous circumstances you may encounter. Use these GPX files at your own risk.