PDF chapter downloads

The information in these free chapters with the GPX files will be enough for Omanis and expatriates, who have some orientation skills, to explore these tracks. (Newcomers to Oman and tourists should purchase the book or map.) The free chapters can be downloaded to a laptop or PC and printed, but not edited. Please provide feedback via my email address or via my Facebook page so I can improve the book for the first reprinting for the benefit of tourists, and the Al Jabal Al Akhdar tourism services industry. In particular the estimate of walking times and track difficulty would benefit from more walkers' experiences, as the book was published with only one couple's feedback. The 1:50,000-scaled map at the end of Day 1 which is the first detailed contour map of the Western Hajar to receive approval from the National Survey Authority, who reviewed the Roman spelling of the Arabic village names and issued the registration number 1246 dated 05/11/19 authorising the sale of the map in Oman.