Hardcopy Book Purchase from Gilgamesh Publishing
Hardcopy Map Purchase from Cordee Map Distributors

The paperback and two-sided A1-sized folded map will both be available to purchase on the web, and in bookshops in the Sultanate of Oman and the UK during March 2020 after final editing using feedback from the first walkers who complete the traverse during the winter 2019/20. There is enough information on this web page for knowledgable walkers from Oman to complete the traverse and provide this feedback. Advance book purchase is available now for the discounted price of £14. The book launch will be in London on 17th March.

As of November 2019 the day-by-day maps in the book and folded map are the only detailed contoured maps of the Western Hajar available to the public. The National Survey Authority (NSA) has reviewed and approved the Roman spelling of the Arabic village names shown on the maps, and issued the registration number 1246 dated 05/11/19 authorising their sale and use in Oman.